Westside Paso Robles Old Vine Zinfandel Vineyard

Located at the base of the Santa Lucia Mountains, this West Paso Robles hillside vineyard is planted with half-century-old, head-pruned vines bedded in limestone, shale and clay soils. Planted in 1965 by renowned winegrower Richard Sauret, the vines maintain low yields and promise compact fruit with ripe, rich berries, and intensely concentrated flavors. 
Harvest, September 6, 2022. Dry soils and heat led to low yields but the grapes harvested were spectacular! Expect 2022 to be an amazing vintage.

Harvest, September 17, 2021.

Veraison at Saint Marie Vineyard, 2021
Thick Cover Crop Spring, 2021
Golden browns of Fall, 2020
Harvest September 14, 2020
Lacewing feasting on aphids in the vineyard, Spring 2020
Budbreak, Spring 2020
Brome Grass Cover Crop, Spring 2020
Harvest September 19, 2019
Harvest Sunrise, 2019
Veraison (grapes are slowly ripening), 2019
Spring Leaf Out, 2019
Early Spring, 2019
Winter in the Vineyard, 2019
Harvest 2018
Young Berries, 2018

Owner Stephanie Shakofsky

Bloom 2018
Spring, 2018
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